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Rosie O'Donnell Reached Out to Meredith Baxter

Rosie O'Donnell reached out to Meredith Baxter to offer support after the "Family Ties" actress came out as a lesbian earlier this week.

"I talked to her. She was lovely," O'Donnell told "Extra" at the "In Their Boots" screening in NYC Thursday.

On Wednesday, Baxter told the "Today" show's Matt Lauer that she's a lesbian. The thrice-divorced mother of five has been dating partner Nancy Locke for the past four years, she said.

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Added O'Donnell, who recently revealed her split from partner Kelli Carpenter, "She's 62. She's the same age as Kelli's mother. When you think of that, that somebody at Kelli's mother's age came out... you know, that's big."

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"Good for her, man. Live your truth," O'Donnell went on. "Go in peace. It's not that hard. Fight the fear. Life in fear everyone's gonna find out you're gay... Have faith. Tell people it's going to be all right. The truth is the only way through."

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