'DWTS'' Kelly Osbourne Wants to Sleep for '24 Hours'

Kelly Osbourne to world: do not disturb.

"I'm gonna be in bed for 24 hours at least," she told "Extra" shortly after placing third on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night.

"I don't want to get up. I don't want anyone to call me," continued the reality star, who immediately boarded a plane to New York City for a "Good Morning America" appearance after the results show.

Mya is also wiped out. The first thing she'll do now that the show is over?

"Kick my feet up. Relax. Recline for a couple of days. Enjoy the holiday! Spend time with family, and catch up with some movies and television shows I've missed," the runner-up told "Extra."

Winner Donny Osmond told "Extra" he got just "an hour" of shuteye Tuesday night, but, "You don't need sleep when you're the champion!"

Watch the video above and tune into "Extra" tonight for more with the "Dancing With the Stars" finalists!