Bach: 'I Will Always Be There for the Hoff'

pamela bach supports david hasselhoff

Pamela Bach is breaking her silence for the first time since ex David Hasselhoff was reportedly rushed to the ER for alcohol poisoning -- and she says she'll always support the actor.

"The most important thing is that he's the father of my children and for that very reason... put anything and all the differences aside -- I will always be there for him and he knows that," Bach confessed at last night's Maxim Hot 100 Party in Santa Monica.

According to some reports, Hoff's daughter Hayley found the former "Baywatch" star unconscious and called her mother, Bach, for help. The Hoff denied these allegations, and along with other media outlets, criticized Pamela's involvement and claimed she was responsible for the bad press. Despite the drinking drama, Pamela tells "Extra" that she's doing well. "The most important thing is that my girls, by the grace of God, are fantastic. I've got their love and respect. They're my focus. They're the reason why I get up every morning and go to bed at night. I'm just happy they're always with me."

Hasselhoff has been battling alcoholism for years, and while Bach says she will remain friends with her ex, she reveals to "Extra" that his fate is out of her hands. "It's not my job [to cure him.] Let go, let God. I talk to the man upstairs and I take care of my kids and take care of me."