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Doc: Fawcett 'Continuing to Fight, Doing Well'

farrah fawcett

Rumors ran rampant after cancer-stricken actress Farrah Fawcett was hospitalized -- now, her doctor is setting the record straight with "Extra."

Dr. Lawrence Pirro tells "Extra" that Fawcett had a "small procedure" in Germany, while receiving alternative cancer treatments. "It turned out the procedure caused a small amount of bleeding into one of the muscles of her abdomen, which was quite painful," Pirro explains.

Tabloids screamed that the actress was comatose, but the doc dismisses those reports as false. "I can't imagine how a story like that would go around the world," Dr. Pirro said, adding, "she is continuing to fight this battle, she is doing well... she has incredible resolve, incredible resilience. She's able to walk fine, ambulating well, and doing quite good in that regard."

Pirro explained that the actress is strengthened by the support and love of her fans. "She is certain appreciative of everyone's interest in her wellbeing, but that doesn't take away the penetrating attention to very private details."

Fawcett is expected to be released from the hospital in a few days.