Paying Respects to Richardson

The lights of Broadway dimmed Thursday night for Natasha Richardson. Her friends and family -- including husband Liam Neeson, mother Vanessa Redgrave and sister Joely Richardson -- gathered to pay their respects to a gifted actress, loving wife and devoted mother.

Neeson was comforted by many well-wishers during the tribute, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. At the Broadway revival of "West Side Story," A-listers expressed their sympathies to "Extra" about the tragedy.

"Such a tragic end to such a beautiful... loving... sparkling presence," model Christie Brinkley said. Actress Dana Delaney revealed, "I have known Tasha for a long time, and I am kind of in shock right now."

If you would like to send a message to Natasha's family, please post a comment below.