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Stewart to 'Twilight' Director: It Has to be Rob!

Robert Pattinson's energy with his "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart was so intense, the actress knew immediately that he had to be her leading man! Since then, the vampire flick has created an international frenzy -- and the GQ cover guy is finally dishing on his audition, Stewart, and the truth behind those girlfriend rumors!


In the April 2009 issue of the magazine, Pattinson revealed that before auditioning for the role of Edward Cullen, he was so shaken up that he popped an anti-anxiety pill! "It was the first time I've ever taken Valium," he dishes to GQ "A quarter -- a quarter of a Valium. I tried to do it for another audition, and it just completely backfired -- I was passing out!"

Despite his pre-audition jitters, R-Patz nailed it -- prompting Stewart, who had already been cast as Bella, to turn to director Catherine Hardwicke and declare, "It has to be Rob."

Stewart elaborated on her statement, telling GQ, "Everybody came in doing something empty and shallow and thoughtless... but Rob understood that it wasn't a frivolous role.

Since then, the sleepy Summit Entertainment flick has catapulted its stars into international fame -- and made Pattinson a full-blown heartthrob. Romance rumors have circulated, linking him to Brazilian model Annelyse Schoenberger and rumored Joe Jonas girlfriend Camilla Belle, but Robert denies reports of a love triangle between him, the pop sibling and Belle. "That's the funniest one," Pattinson says. "I'm friends with Camilla."

His vampire notoriety could allow the actor to have almost any girl he wants, but he revealed he's staying away from the dating game. "I don't see people. I don't even have people's phone numbers. I almost don't want to have a girlfriend, in this environment."

Pattinson is currently filming "New Moon" in Canada, which hits theatres in November.