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Octograndpa: 'I Question Nadya's Mental Situation'


Nadya Suleman has received media flack and even death threats since the controversial births of the octuplets -- now Suleman's mental state is being questioned by her father.

Ed Doud, granddad to Nadya's 14 children, sat down with Oprah to discuss his opinion on his daughter's multi-tots. "I'm not a psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation," Doud haltingly admitted. "I need her to be evaluated."

Suleman's father isn't the only one with doubts -- a video of Nadya arguing with her mother recently surfaced, in which they argue over Nadya's decision to implant all six of her embryos, after already having given birth to six kids. Suleman argued that she had to implant them because she refused to donate or destroy the embryos.

The controversial nature of the octuplets' birth has created a media circus around Nadya and her children. Paparazzi have camped outside Octomom's home for weeks -- and tension peaked when a neighbor allegedly threatened shutterbugs with a shotgun!

Reports have also run wild about Suleman's obsession with Angelina Jolie and plastic surgery -- both of which she vehemently denies.

"Extra" wants to know what you think -- has Nadya had plastic surgery?