Hilton Denies Involvement in Brown Altercation


"Extra" caught up with Paris Hilton at "An Evening of Fashion with Haven," where the heiress defended herself against reports that accuse her of igniting the fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna by sending the "Forever" singer a text message.

"I have no idea how I got involved in that," Paris said. "People were calling me saying, 'It's your fault.' I'm like, 'What?!'"

Hilton continued, "I love Chris Brown. I love Rihanna. I'm friends with both of them so you know, the fact that I got involved in it was ridiculous -- but I wish her the best. I love her. She's amazing."

Brown was arrested on charges of making felony criminal threats after an altercation with his girlfriend Rihanna turned ugly on the eve of the Grammy Awards.