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VOTE: Octuplets Mom -- Right or Wrong?

It's the story everyone is talking about, and now the Octuplets Mom is talking! After death threats and a media backlash, Nadya Suleman sat down with Ann Curry for her first television interview since giving birth to eight babies last month.

The 33-year-old single mom conceived the octuplets (and her other six children) through in vitro fertilization. She told Curry she used the same donor for all of her kids -- and he's a friend.

Suleman says she was lonely growing up as an only child and always wanted a large family. Even though the California native is unmarried and unemployed, she says, "I know I will be able to afford them after my schooling." Suleman hopes for a career in counseling.

"Extra" wants to know --

Tune in to "Today" on Monday, February 9 for the full interview with Suleman and the first look at the octuplets.

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