A Designer's Take on Simpson's Shape

Fashion designer Michael Kors is reacting to the media backlash regarding Jessica Simpson's fuller figure, telling "Extra," "The crazy thing is she's a beautiful, sexy, fun girl."

The "Project Runway" judge has worked with Simpson in the past and he's convinced Simpson's curves are not a problem. Kors didn't see the shot of the singer that fueled the weight gain controversy, but he asks, "Did someone shoot her at the wrong angle? Everyone's always looking to find what's wrong. I think she's pretty hot."

Kors also remarked that everyone has fashion faux pas. "I don't know what she was wearing. Maybe she wore a pair of pants that weren't the right pants. We all have our moments. I don't think she has anything to worry about."

The fashion guru also interviewed Simpson for Harper's Bazaar, and wanted to send the star a special message. "You're gorgeous and sexy and fabulous! And you rock it no matter what you do!"