Mandel: 'My Heart is Healthy and Strong'

Howie Mandel came to "Extra" to set the record straight about collapsing earlier this month. Mandel says, "I hadn't eaten or drank anything so it was just due to that." The comedian star confirms he did not have a heart attack, insisting, "I am fine. They said my heart is healthy and strong and I just have a different rhythm than most people."

Mandel told "Extra" he fainted because he was fasting for an outpatient procedure, as prescribed by his doctors. The 53-year-old was in the middle of shooting a scene for "Howie Do It" in a hotel lobby when he hit the floor, unconscious. Mandel says people thought it was a joke since the show is a prank show but he says, "I wasn't kidding."

"Howie Do It" airs Friday nights on NBC.