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'Beast' Producer: Swayze is Doing 'Great'


After coming down with pneumonia late last week, Patrick Swayze will be leaving the hospital soon, according to the producers of "The Beast."

"I spoke to him right before I came to Chicago last night," Vincent Angell told gossip site TThese Boots are Made for Stalking. "He's great. He sounds great. He is proud of what he's done."

The producers are confident that Patrick will return to the A&E show if it gets picked up for a second season -- and revealed that Swayze's hospitalization was precautionary. "He's doing good and he'll be getting out of the hospital soon," said co-producer Bill Rotko. "He has pneumonia. It is not that serious. It was more of a precautionary move. He missed a day and a half of work in five months. He's a tough son of a b***h. We're hoping he'll be back for a second season!"

Swayze is currently battling pancreatic cancer, but Angell revealed that didn't stop the actor from doing his own stunts. "He hit people, he shot a few people, he ran after people, he broke necks, he jumped off the sides of buildings, he jumped onto banisters." Rutko added, "I was tired before him."

"The Beast" premieres tonight at 10 PM on A&E.

UPDATE: Patrick Swayze was released from the hospital, his rep Annett Wolf confirmed to People magazine, saying, "I am happy to announce that Patrick Swayze is home after a brief hospitalization for pneumonia."