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Palin Talks on 'Today'

"Today Show" host Matt Lauer hopped a flight to the Alaskan tundra to sit down with Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. The morning host grilled the Gov. about McCain, Obama and her alleged overspending.

Palin confessed she was a little perturbed during her interview with Katie Couric, saying, "I'm sure some of my impatience showed through." She told Matt she was a little annoyed by some of Couric's questions, like, "'What do you read up there in Alaska?' To me that was a little bit annoying 'cause, I'm like, what do you mean what do I read in Alaska? I read the same things that you guys read in New York, and there in L.A."

Palin would not divulge her plans for the future. Palin assumed the office Governor in 2006 and has the position for a 4-year term.