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Shanna Moakler on Barker's Crash

In her first TV interview since ex-husband Travis Barker was injured in a plane crash, Shanna Moakler opens up about the horrific accident, from how Barker survived to the future of the on-again/off-again couple.

"I just got the phone call that you dread," the former Miss USA says, recounting the night of the crash. "I actually thought when the phone rang, that it was Travis saying, 'Oh, we landed in L.A. and I'm coming to you babe.'"

The first time Moakler saw Barker in the hospital they "both cried," she confesses. "We were really happy to see one another." Out of the six people involved in the crash, Travis and pal DJ AM were the only survivors. "They were just in the back of the plane and Travis remembered where the emergency exit was. So it's miraculous," Shanna tells "Extra."

The mother-of-two revealed that the former Blink-182 drummer always hated flying -- and had an intuition about the doomed flight. "What's really odd, before they left, he had taken pictures of the plane and sent them to me," says Shanna. "He said, 'I don't have a good feeling about this plane'...I said, 'Please be safe.' He had a feeling... that something was about to happen."

The drummer is on the road to recovery. "He is starting to exercise, do therapy. So hopefully we will see a big AM/Travis show in the future," says Moakler. "We're probably not going to be flying anytime soon, at all... we are going to invest in a tour bus."

As for the status of the couple's relationship, Shanna states, "We're parents first... Travis is my family and he always will be my family. I have a profound love for him... I've learned that I am very appreciative and thankful for Travis in my life."