Hudson in Hiding


After losing her mother, brother and nephew this past weekend, actress/singer Jennifer Hudson may be worried about her own safety.

"Extra" received chilling new details on how Hudson in hiding and surrounding herself with security guards -- according to blogger Liz Crokin. "I can't disclose where Jennifer is staying -- I can just tell you it's a hotel," said Liz. "She has bodyguards... and the hotel she's staying at has a great security team. She left to go to the medical examiner's office Sunday night."

Hudson identified the body of her nephew Julian King, found yesterday in a white SUV. Us Weekly's Bradley Jacobs tells "Extra" it was the second time in days the "Dream Girls" star had to endure the terrible task -- having already identified the bodies of her mother and brother over the weekend. "She's taking on the lead role in the family."

Now, disturbing news reveals that there was an indication of violence before the tragic killings, including a public fight with Jennifer's brother-in-law William Balfour. William served time for attempted murder, and missed his parole meeting on Friday -- the same day Hudson's mother and brother were shot and her nephew went missing. "A neighbor tells us about a month ago he witnessed a huge fight," said Jacobs. "He overheard a man saying he'd kill Hudson's sister and mess up everyone in the house."

Witnesses have reported Balfour and Jennifer's sister Julia, his estranged wife, argued on the day of the murders -- over car payments.

TV judge Jeanine Pirro said, "It appears to be a domestic homicide," and that police are searching for a possible motive.