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Fey Takes On 'SNL' Debate -- as Palin

Tina Fey has done it again! The comedienne spoofed VP hopeful Sarah Palin again on "SNL" this week -- this time poking fun at last Thursday's vice-presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden.

Tina answered many of the moderator's questions (Gwen Ifill played by Queen Latifah) with the word "maverick" -- including a response to a question about the financial crisis by asking, "What would a maverick do?"

Sarah Palin isn't letting the Fey impressions get her down -- she says she is laughing with everyone else. She joked this morning on "Good Morning America," "I was just trying to keep Tina Fey in business."

Biden, played by funnyman Jason Sudeikis, constantly reiterated his positive feelings about John McCain. He ended his speech with, "My goal tonight was to not come across as a condescending, egomaniacal bully -- and I'm gonna' be honest. I think I nailed it."

For her closing arguments, Tina pulled out a flute -- and asked if the "talent portion" was still happening.