'Texas Ranger' for McCain

Actor Chuck Norris has revealed his presidential pick to "Extra" -- and opened up about George W. Bush, saying that while he campaigned for the current Commander-in-Chief, "I think he could have done a heck of a lot better job."

Even though Norris believes Bush could've done more, he's still voting red. "My choice would be John McCain and Sarah Palin mainly because with Sarah, I think she'd make a good president because she's a no-nonsense gal and she has much more experience than Barack Obama," Chuck opined. "Europe now is not infatuated with Barack Obama anymore. They are infatuated with Sarah Palin."

Although Norris is voting Republican, the former "Walker, Texas Ranger" star had a compliment for Barack Obama. "Truthfully, I like him," admitted Chuck. "I like his personality and he's a very charismatic guy. I think he has the country at heart, but I think he's misdirected... and because of his misdirection, he's going to lead us down a very deep hole [if he gets elected.]"

The NRA member wasn't always so gung-ho for McCain, saying that after his first pick Mike Huckabee was out of the running, he became a Clinton supporter. "I believe Mike Huckabee would have been the one to have lead us down the path of prosperity in our country and that unfortunately didn't happen... and I think Hillary [Clinton] would have been better."

With his cult-like following, Chuck himself could easily land himself a public position -- but don't expect his name to appear on a ticket anytime soon. "I would never run for office," he said. "I had tough skin as an entertainer. I don't think my skin is tough enough as a politician."

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