Baldwin Confirms Oprah's Stint on '30 Rock'


Oprah Winfrey will follow in the footsteps of "Friend" Jennifer Aniston after all! Alec Baldwin confirmed the media mogul's plan to guest star on his comedy series, "30 Rock" -- plus, he's spilling set secrets about Aniston's guest spot!

"Yes - Jennifer Aniston and Oprah," Baldwin told "Extra," adding, "What more do you want? We're only on episode four!" The actor went on to describe Jen's role as a woman with a mission. "She has a reputation of a man-eater -- she loves to seduce alpha men," Baldwin says of Aniston's character.

She may play a love-hungry seductress onscreen, but Alec had nothing but praise for the actress in real life. "We were very lucky to get her. She's so alive -- she's funny and beautiful," said Baldwin. "She's got the comedy crazy gene... she's fun and she's sweet. She was a perfect fit for the show."