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Hoffman as Rambo?

"Extra" caught up with Dustin Hoffman during a promo stop for his new movie, "Kung Fu Panda," and he gave us the scoop on roles he wishes he'd accepted -- and the ones he always wanted!

Hoffman, 70, revealed that he was offered the role of Rambo, one of the biggest action heroes of all time -- but turned down the role! "I was the first one to be asked to do 'Rambo,' but it was a little too much violence."

When asked about offers he regrets turning down, Dustin admitted, "'Close Encounters' -- I didn't realize you never turn down a master at his craft, which is Steven Spielberg."

Dustin has won two Oscars during his stellar career -- but what role was the star never offered? "I've never been asked to do James Bond," he joked, "I have a better body."