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Clinton and Simon?! That's the Ticket!

Hillary Clinton is battling on in the fight for the White House -- and now the Senator is opening up exclusively to "Extra" correspondent Jerry Penacoli about her presidential plans. "No matter the outcome of this, we're going to have a unified party," says Hillary. "I'm going to work my heart out -- I will do everything to win."

Clinton also weighed in on the chance of a powerhouse democratic ticket featuring Hillary and her short list of celeb vice-presidents -- including Simon Cowell! Would the King of Mean trade his seat at the judging table on "Idol" for a shot at the White House? Simon says, "As a vice-president, absolutely not." Cowell would want the position of Commander-in-Chief!

As for Simon's advice for Clinton to cry on camera to earn a sympathy vote -- Hillary offered a way to provoke the waterworks. "Simon, if you heard me singing you'd be shedding tears," joked Clinton.