What's Cookin', Joe?

He tracks down bad guys on "Criminal Minds" and cooks up a storm at his Burbank restaurant -- now Joe Mantegna is bringing his tasty talents to "Extra's" ultimate Viking kitchen!

The actor is also cooking up support as National Spokesman for Easter Seals -- something near and dear to him.

Grocery List:
Plain Yogurt
1 Canned tuna
1 Cream of Mushroom soup
Season Bread Crumbs
1 Green peppers
1 box Mac and cheese.

While Boiling the noodles, in a casserole dish ad the can of tuna drained and the can of soup. 2 or 3 minutes before the noodles are done put the diced green peppers in the pasta water to blanch them.
Then when the noodles are done drain and mix the noodles and green peppers into the casserole dish. Mix in the cheese packet and cover with

Add bread crumbs and bake at 325 for 30 min.
Top with Tabasco or plain yogurt.