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Paps Ditch Brit for Miley

Britney Spears has dropped hangers-on Alli Sims and Sam Lutfi, but have her other pals, the paparazzi, dropped Britney?

According to New York's Daily News, yes! Now that Britney is on the right track (i.e., not driving to gas stations at 3 AM sans panties), the paparazzi have moved on... to teen sensation Miley Cyrus.

The Daily News quotes BuzzFoto founder Brad Elterman, who said, "Over the weekend, there were less than a half dozen covering Britney. There were 30 in the pack covering Miley." The "Hannah Montana" star undoubtedly has a lot more going on than the Britster.

Since Britney was placed under the conservatorship of her father, she hasn't done anything wild -- like shave her head, attack paparazzi with an umbrella, or reveal her current lingerie choices.

The only thing Miley has been flashing at paps is the peace sign -- and she even bought them snacks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The "See You Again" singer even told a gaggle of snappers, "I'll wait for you to eat before I leave!" She really can't wait to see them again!