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'Extra' Finds Ashley's Ex-BF!

The ex-boyfriend of Ashley Youmans - the 22-year-old call girl who brought down the governor of New York - has come forward, admitting he had no idea about her secret double life. Frank Delour tells "Extra," "This is just a trip, man. I can't believe this."

Delour, a New York deejay who says he dated the aspiring singer, didn't know about Ashley's secret trysts until her face was splashed across every newspaper in America. "I grabbed a paper and it was her," he said. Ashley - known within the Emperor's VIP Club as "Kristen" - was just "a sweet girl," said Delour. "She always used to talk about cooking for me."

He now admits he couldn't figure out how Ashley was living the high life in her expensive Manhattan high rise, where studios go for $3,800 a month. "I didn't know how she was getting her money, paying her rent."

Ashley has now left her swanky apartment - with no plans to return. Word is she could be headed back to New Jersey, where friends and neighbors tell "Extra" they knew nothing of her supposed troubled past. "Extra" has learned that Ashley's mother and her second husband - an oral surgeon - live the good life in a beautiful mansion. Though Ashley claims she was abused and left a broken home, new reports say she crashed her stepdad's Porsche before she ran away at 17.

Today, Ashley's high school classmate Lauren remembers the scandal-ridden Ashley as a happy-go-lucky girl. "We would joke around - karaoke in her room - and sing songs and record them, like stupid kid stuff." Still, Ashley always had big city dreams. "She made it pretty obvious she wanted to be a famous singer, so I'm not surprised. I just wish it didn't happen this way."