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How Are the Boys Doing Without Mom?

It's been almost seven weeks since Sean Preston and Jayden James have seen their mom. So how are the boys handling life without Britney Spears?

“Kevin is home a lot," Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told "Extra." "He’s doing everything that he can to make up for the fact that the boys are with him and keeping family around and trying to have them not aware that there’s any change whatsoever."

Today, Britney's lawyers will reportedly ask for more visitation rights for the troubled star. Since her Jan. 3 standoff with police, in which she reportedly held Jayden hostage, she hasn't seen her boys. The only contact she has is by phone.

But Kevin still wants their mom involved in the boys' lives.

“It has always been and it is now and will continue to be his desire for the children to have their mother in their life under whatever conditions are reasonable, based on progress," Kaplan explained.

Whether that progress includes an evaluation for reported mental issues is unclear.

“I don’t know that an evaluation of that type has been done at all and I don’t know whether or not the court will order any type of evaluation,” Kaplan said.

He also said that the case, in all likelihood, won't be moved to federal court.

“I don’t believe the family law case could or would be moved," he said. "There’s no family law jurisdiction in federal court so it’d be very unlikely.”

But just how long will the grueling custody battle take? It's "quite impossible to predict," Kaplan explained. In the meantime, K-Fed is focusing on his duties as a dad and on career opportunities.

“He is evaluating two or three [acting gigs] right now and he’ll decide shortly which one he wants to put his energy into," Kaplan revealed. "Regardless which he chooses, it won’t require him to be away from his children on any extensive basis."