Jerry Penacoli's SAG Blog

OK, so finally an awards show happened in Hollywood, without fear of a picket line from the writers... and the feeling on the red carpet was jubilant -- seriously, everyone was in such a great mood... I love the SAG awards, in particular, because I'm a card-carrying member of the Screen Actor's Guild, and it's nice to share the evening with other actors...

When Brad and Angelina took to the carpet, though, the entire place stopped in its tracks. Poor Kyra Sedgewick was about to step onto the Extra platform, and had to wait -- so gracious of her -- while I tried to chase Angie and Brad down the red carpet... They had made up their mind they weren't talking to anyone... what with the persistent twin baby rumors, and all that... I got within a few feet of them and yelled out "Congratulations" -- which could have meant congrats for the SAG nomination, or congrats on the alleged pregnancy -- either way, Brad was nice enough to turn around and say "thank you" -- Angie, well, she just kept to herself... made time for the fans, and signed autographs for about 10 minutes (which is always classy) and then they were rushed inside.

The carpet went on, as per usual, with wonderful moments from a very pregnant and glowing Cate Blanchett -- who is keeping the sex of her new baby a secret, even to her! Although, she revealed that her two boys have been addressing the baby bump as "Dennis" -- so, she's not so sure if they know something she doesn't.

Eva Longoria Parker sans Tony was looking good (as were most of the glam gals) and for the first time, I noticed a tattoo on the back of her neck -- the word "Nine" -- in honor of her hubby's B-ball number... I had never noticed it before because her hair is always down... but that night it was up... pretty cool tatt! She had another one waaaaaaaaayyy down on the small of her back, but wouldn't show me what THAT one was... hmmmmm. And a third tattoo on her right wrist, with her and Tony's wedding date emblazoned in Roman numerals (how appropriate since they were married in Italy)... More red carpet moments next time!