John Mayer Having ‘The Seven-Year Itch with Fame’

Grammy-nominated singer John Mayer is opening up about how he’s dealing with the recent scrutiny of his personal life and living through the paparazzi lens.

“They kind of mess with the message that anyone's trying to send out,” John told “Extra.”

But John has learned how to protect himself.

“You don't answer back,” he explained. “If they tell you that it’s you coming out of a Planned Parenthood clinic, but you're really coming out of a Starbucks, let it go. I've never had my picture taken or been written about with somebody that really affected the world."

John says that despite the notoriety that comes with gracing the cover of the tabloids, he isn’t enjoying it.

He confessed, “I’m definitely having the seven-year-itch with the fame.”

Instead of focusing on the paparazzi crush, John says he tries not to take life too seriously.

“We're going to be 80 some day, hopefully, and we're going to look back and all these things that feel like problems are just going to be laughable,” he said. “I'll tell you, not a single photo or gossip column ever changed the actual tapestry of my life.”