Sharon’s Shocking Suicide Pact with Ozzy

From her public feud with Courtney Love, to her “X-Factor” walkout and her quirky marriage to Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne has always made headlines.

Now the outspoken star is sitting down with “Extra” for a no holds barred interview, starting with her infamous feud with Love.

Sharon claims that Love got her son, Jack, hooked on drugs, and calls the fiasco “a really, really ugly situation.”

She adds, “It’s kind of got to the point where it’s now in legal hands, so we can’t talk about it, because it’s gone to that stage.”

Sharon gave “Extra” a tour of her London mansion and showed off some of the items she and Ozzy are selling at auction, where she talked about life after rehab for Jack, Kelly and Ozzy.

“I’m in a great place,” Sharon says. “My life, my kids are fine; my husband is better than ever, health-wise.”

But if either Sharon or Ozzy ever face terminal illness, Sharon reveals the devoted couple has a suicide plan in place.

“Whatever it was, where you know you’re going to die, we would want to choose the time where we want to leave,” she confesses. “I would go with my old man, and he would come with me.”

But she adds, “Not if it’s in the next five years.”