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The Dark Side of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is at the center of a raging controversy in Hollywood after the tragic death of Kanye West’s mom, Donda.

Now, “Extra” exposes the other side of the quest for perfection, when a quick fix results in life-changing disaster.

Dr. Stuart Linder, who wrote the book, “Beverly Hills Shape: The Truth About Plastic Surgery,” says never do two procedures at once, like Dr. Jan Adams did for Donda.

“If the patient is going to have a significant amount of blood loss, they're going to bleed a lot; we’re going to stage it, we’re going to separate the different parts,” Dr. Linder explains.

Here are the warnings to help avoid a plastic surgery nightmare.

First, go for a consultation. Ask very specific questions about your procedure. Also, make sure your doctor and anesthesiologist are board certified.

Finally, arrange for a care facility for at least 24 hours following any minor to major surgeries. Kanye’s mother Donda was sent home after her surgery, only to die the next day – a move that may have proved to be a fatal mistake.