Jessica Simpson: ‘I’m In a Really Good Place’

Jessica Simpson has had her share of heartbreak. Now the single stunner is telling “Extra” that she’s ready for love – and she has a good idea of where to find it!

“I think Boston has cute boys,” Jessica revealed to “Extra.” “I need a Boston man. A Boston man is closest to a Southern man, I believe.”

The Texas-born beauty is in the dating world again since her relationship with John Mayer ended in May. Now she’s ready to open up about her feelings on the new album she’s about to record.

“I can’t wait to share my heart with the world,” Jessica told “Extra” backstage at Macy’s in New York, where she launched her latest fashion line. “The fun, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. You know, I’m comfortable letting people in now. I’m in a really good place.”

Jessica’s good times continue with another hosting appearance on “The View” on Nov. 15. She revealed that the first time she hosted the show, she was left speechless.

“I had to interview Angelina Jolie and I was just really, really starstruck,” she confessed. “I was just in awe of her beauty.”

Jessica also just wrapped shooting “Major Movie Star,” in which the blonde bombshell enlists in the Army. To prepare for the role, Jessica, 25, actually went through boot camp.

“I really found out a lot about myself and gained a lot of confidence,” Jessica said. “It’s really humbling.”