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Joey Fatone on Britney: 'Something Needs to be Done Before Anything Tragic Happens'

“Extra" sat down with Joey Fatone to chat about this weekend’s TV Guide Emmy Party, and Joey got candid about his longtime pal, Britney Spears.

“Wow, it was interesting. I felt bad, but didn’t. It looked like she was really lost," he said. "A lot of people really want her to seek help. There’s something not right there, something needs to obviously be done before anything tragic happens. She’s a great girl. I’ve known her for many years.”

As for rumors about an N'Sync reunion, Fatone reveals, “Everyone is still doing their own thing…it’s a matter of getting the five of us together.”

He continues, “You never know. Once everyone has a break from all the stuff they are doing, it’s always a possibility, maybe two or three years down the road.”