Nicole Spends 82 Minutes in Jail, Just Enough Time for Fingerprinting and a Mug Shot

Nicole Richie managed to sneak in and out of jail Thursday in just 82 minutes, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

“Extra” spotted the jail-bound starlet running some last-minute errands with boyfriend and rumored fiancé Joel Madden before turning herself in.

The pregnant star dropped her dogs off at the vet and picked up coffee from McDonald’s.

But it turns out Nicole never spent one second behind bars!

She was in custody for only an hour and a half, just enough time to get fingerprinted and have her mug shot taken.

Last night, spotted Paris Hilton and got this message to her pregnant BFF: “I love you Nicole!”

But today outrage is growing over the celebrity scorecard.

Paris Hilton served 23 days out of a 45-day sentence, Nicole served 82 minutes and Lindsay Lohan will serve just one day in jail for two DUIs.

But if any of these bad girls of summer violates probation, they can expect a much longer sentence behind bars.