Barbara to Fill Two 'View' Spots: 'We Will Know by the End of July'

Barbara Walters is breaking news to “Extra,” revealing that she wants two co-hosts to fill Rosie O’Donnell’s spot!

“We need two people,” Barbara said, one for Rosie and another for the long-gone Star Jones.

And the announcement could come any time!

“We will probably know by the end of July,” Barbara revealed.

Today, “Extra” learned that comedienne Kathy Griffin is in the running – and so is a Trump!

Arch-rival Donald’s daughter Ivanka is in talks to take Rosie’s seat.

The Donald told us, “She's brilliant! She's got the gift of gab, and she would do great, but I don't see it.”

But Ivanka said she won’t be taking a seat on the show, telling Fox News, “I am not joining the show.”

Rosie has been quiet in recent weeks, but "Extra" can reveal she hasn’t fallen off the radar.

The outspoken talk queen just blogged that she’s on a cruise with her family, and she's taking aim at her former co-host.

Us Weekly reports Rosie couldn’t resist taking a jab at former friend Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During her stand-up routine on the ship, Rosie reportedly quipped, “Go have your baby and have a nice life.”

Now she’s sounding off on Paula Abdul’s new reality show “Hey Paula.”

On her video blog, Rosie said to partner Kelli, “If I ever do a show like that, swear you won't let me put it on the air.”

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