The Long and Short of Summer's Hottest Trend

Shorts – they’re no longer just for the beach!

Pamela Anderson, Charlize Theron and Jessica Simpson are all sporting the hottest summer style, and so you can!

With the help of Alexis Avery from Bebe, “Extra” shows you how to steal the celebrity short-short look – for a whole lot less.

You can get the best-selling Amanda blouse, paired with white glamour pants and a gold chain belt for just $227!

Or you could copy Jessica Alba’s look with a longer take on hot pants, pairing your outfit with a very feminine blouse.

But Alexis has some warnings when it comes to this trend.

“Short shorts if you’re a nice, petite woman,” she explained. “And if you’re taller, a longer, city short.”

The good news about this trend is that it’s versatile.

“You could wear this for a night on the town, and if you’re daring, you could even wear it to work,” Alexis said.

Now you’re covered with the short cut of what’s sexy right now!