Kate Walsh: 'Private Practice' to Be Stiff Competition for 'Grey's'

“Grey’s Anatomy” fans are already missing Kate Walsh, but the gorgeous redhead is revealing to “Extra” why her spin-off show, “Private Practice,” might be even better than “Grey’s.”

“Basically, where ‘Grey’s’ is sort of people who worked together that become friends, these are all friends that decided to form a private practice,” Kate explained.

Also, with the addition of hotties Tim Daly and Taye Diggs, the series is sure to gain the type of following that “Grey’s” has with its McDreamys and McSteamys!

Kate said the real secret of success to the new show will be a whole lot more drama.

“You’re going to see lot more of their personal lives, if that’s possible, than ‘Grey’s,’” she told us. “There’s going to be a lot more of their personal mess – messy personal lives mixed in there.”

Yet the actress’ own life is far from messy.

Kate just got engaged to film executive Alex Young, and she’s following the advice her own father gave her when she was young.

“The best advice I received from my father was, he told me the most important thing in life is love,” she said.