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Paris Hilton Interview Cancelled -- Do You Think It Was the Right Move?

The final countdown to freedom is on for Paris Hilton.

This is the last weekend before the jailbird flies the coop, and “Extra” has what could be the socialite’s last interview from the slammer.

Paris called Ryan Seacrest yesterday and told all about her time in jail.

She said she’s been behind bulletproof glass, and feels like a criminal!

But the worst part, she said, was seeing dad Rick on Father’s Day and not being able to reach out because of the thick glass wall that separated them!

Now “Extra” has the all-new interview with Paris’ parents, who can’t wait for their daughter to come home.

“We’re counting,” Kathy Hilton said.

And so is Paris!

She told Ryan, “I’m much more grateful for everything that I have, even just to have a pillow at night, or food.”

As if the heiress didn’t have everything already, she might have a few more nice things to appreciate.

While NBC is denying reports they offered Paris a million dollars for the first post-pokey interview, ABC reportedly offered the Hilton family $100,000.

Even though it was thought that the “Today” show’s Meredith Vieira would score the sit-down, there are reports now that the whole thing has been called off, and it's unknown just who Paris will speak with first.

Today, Rosie O’Donnell is blasting the report on her blog, saying, “Paying for interviews. Sad thing for a news division.”

So do you think it was the right decision to nix Paris' million dollar interview? Post your comments here!