Finally, Bling for Men!

He’s made Hollywood starlets sparkle, but now celebrity jeweler Gerald Bauman is bringing bling to the boys!

Gerald’s hot new men’s line features bold bracelets and knock-out necklaces, all handmade from magnificent metals.

“Extra’s” own Mario Lopez did some digging, and he found that this jewelry line really shines.

“I like this kind of stuff because it’s masculine,” Mario said. “It’s got some symbolism to it.”

“Everything has a meaning,” Gerald added.

For his latest women’s line, Gerald drew inspiration from the gods – literally.

His eye-catching creations feature Hindu and Buddhist symbols that are sure to be a hit with the Hollywood crowd.

“A lot of celebrities are now going into Buddhism because it’s focusing within,” Gerald said.

You can check out Gerald’s one-of-a-kind designs at his website,