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Lohan's Mom: Don't Judge Me As A Parent

After 20-year-old Lindsay Lohan entered rehab for the second time, many concerned friends and fans wondered about the influences in her life.

Alarmed fans demanded to know who might be enabling the underage star to get into nightclubs and continue her hard-partying ways, despite past hospitalizations for exhaustion and her recent arrest for DUI.

Speculation over Lindsay’s well-being even prompted “The View” guest-host Whoopi Goldberg to ask, “Where are the adults?”

The Lohan family – in particular Lindsay’s mom Dina – drew an onslaught of criticism after she reportedly told several news outlets that Lindsay was just a young girl who “needed to be reeled in.”

Now “Extra” is putting Dina herself in the hot seat as she answers questions about what she calls “a bad press year with personal situations.”

“They’re kids,” explained Dina about her daughter. “She’s growing up.”

In response to suggestions that she’s been spending more time partying with Lindsay than parenting her, Dina told us, “Don’t believe what you read.”

As for those who say she pushes Lindsay and the rest of her kids too hard, Dina insisted, “I always tell her take a break, don't work. She's like, 'Mommy, I love what I do.'”

Lindsay may soon be in for a little tough love from her estranged father Michael, who recently finished jail time and has his own DUI under his belt.

Michael is worried for his daughter, explaining, “She's not just the goose that laid the golden egg. She's a child, a human being.”

Michael – whom Dina once filed a restraining order against – is now reportedly reaching out to his ex-wife, hoping the two can put their differences aside long enough to help their troubled daughter.

“I just wish that Dina, her mother, would get on the same page with me so that we both can be there as parents that Lindsay needs,” Michael said.

Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson, who has been in show business since the tender age of 3, told “Extra” all about the pitfalls of showbiz moms-turned-managers like Dina.

“They stop being parents and start being employees,” Shar explained. “They're scared to tell their kids ‘no’ because they're like, ‘Oh God, they're going to cut me off, or they're not going to pay my bills this month.’”

For now, Lindsay’s relationship with her parents is second to her stay in Promises.