America Has Voted, and the Number One Most Eligible Bachelor Is...

“Extra’s” Manhunt May has raised the heat on spring, and now, the voters have spoken!

Who among the red hot TV hosts, actors, athletes, musicians and cooks did you name America’s Most Eligible Bachelor? We’re counting down the top five right now!

#5: Ryan Seacrest

At number five is “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest. Dating this sexy Atlanta native certainly comes with its advantages: you’ll get a prime seat at “American Idol,” you’ll meet the biggest celebrities and you’ll be guaranteed a date every New Year’s Eve!

#4: Adam Rodriguez

The right amount of Miami heat landed “CSI: Miami’s” Adam Rodriquez at number four, and he’s looking for the whole package in a girl.

“I love a great smile,” he said. “But there’s butt, boobs, brains, all that stuff.”

#3: Joe Mauer

Hitting a home run with the ladies is 24-year-old Minnesota Twins star Joe Mauer. This hottie really has game, making $4 million this year alone.

And don’t worry ladies, Joe isn’t too picky. He told us, “Blondes, brunettes, it really doesn’t matter to me.”

#2: Shemar Moore

Sexy ab-fabulous “Criminal Minds” star Shemar Moore landed at number two. This heartthrob is all about lips. He told us, “Kissing tells you a lot about a person.”

#1: Apolo Anton Ohno

He just won “Dancing with the Stars,” and now, Apolo has landed the top spot as America’s Most Eligible Bachelor!

We broke the news to America’s most wanted man, and he was blown away.

“Wow, that feels good!” he admitted.

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