Exclusive: Simon Cowell on Being a One-Man Entertainment Empire

He's a self-made tycoon whose Midas touch has made him one of Britain’s richest showbiz entrepreneurs with an estimated net worth of more than $200 million.

He’s also a bona fide Hollywood TV mogul, with hits including “American Idol,” “American Inventor” and “America’s Got Talent,” which just been sold to 40 other countries.

Now, the one and only Simon Cowell, whose riches have bought him a fleet of luxury cars and several multi-million-dollar mansions on two continents, is revealing the secrets of his phenomenal success in an exclusive interview with “Extra’s” very own Terri Seymour.

Terri Seymour: Ever wonder why you've been so lucky?

Simon Cowell: You make your own luck, Terri, and you know, you’ve got to take risks. If people aren’t talking about your shows, you’ve got a problem.

TS: What do you do when people say no?

SC: I make them say yes.

TS: How do you twist their arm?

SC: Relentless pressure.

TS: Would you say you're a workaholic?

SC: Yes, but I’m in a good position because I enjoy what I do.

TS: Ever think you'll retire?

SC: I’d rather drop dead than retire. At least it's quick.

TS: So what's next for the man who's already done it all? A clothing line?

SC: Who’d by my clothes? Seriously?

Looks like Simon is just going to stick to what he knows best and what has already made him king of the TV hill.