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Jessica Still 'Happy' After Breakup with John: Is it Because They Never Really Split?

A smiling Jessica Simpson looked fabulous this week as she made the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival in France to announce her new movie, “Major Movie Star.”

But was the pop starlet smiling because she has a secret the world doesn’t yet know?

Rumors are swirling that Jessica and John Mayer never really broke up, even though the pair officially announced a split last week.

When “Extra” asked her about it, she said coyly, “I'm going to keep my private life my private life, but I am very happy.”

Even though Jess isn’t fessing up to what may really be going on, paparazzi were still able to capture her every move.

New reports are saying that she and John reunited in New York Monday – but neither one is saying if they are truly back together.

Reps for Simpson, 26, and Mayer, 29, declined to comment.

But a Simpson snitch told People magazine that since Jessica went to Cannes, they have been “e-mailing and talking to each other,” adding, “I’m sure they’ll get back together.”