'Desperate Housewives' Finale Secrets Revealed!

“Extra” is squeezing secrets from Sunday night’s big “Desperate Housewives” season three finale!

Marcia Cross is back after giving birth to twin girls in February.

“She still has that beautiful new mother glow thing happening,” Teri Hatcher told us.

And Marcia revealed she might have that glow for a long time!

“I can tell you one thing that is kind of mind-blowing,” Marcia divulged. “It has something to do with… all I will say is it's got something to do with the pregnancy.”

Nicollette Sheridan told “Extra” exclusively that no one should be surprised to see Edie as a wedding crasher!

“Edie’s at a wedding at the end of the finale,” Sheridan revealed. “She’s a bit of an upset guest. I can’t tell you much more than that – but it’s going to have some jaws dropping.”

The finale airs Sunday night on ABC.

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