How to Make Love like a Soap Star!

Bryan Dattilo, otherwise known as Lucas Roberts on “Days of Our Lives,” has had his share of steamy love scenes while starring on the sexy show.

Now Bryan is giving “Extra’s” own Tanika Ray a crash course on how to make love like a soap star!

Lesson number one? A soap opera kiss is all about lip service!

Bryan also said there are a few things you shouldn’t do when starring in a love scene…don’t forget to floss, don’t forget to shave – and don’t touch the hair!

“You’ll have a fleet of people coming in, saying, ‘What did you do to her hair? That is not part of your job!'” Bryan said.

Before you go shoot that scene, remember: no coffee, no cigarettes and no booze!

And when you’re getting that close to another person, always freshen your breath!