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The Saga Continues: Hasselhoff and Opri's Brand New Statements

Breaking News: David Hasselhoff sends new statement to "Extra."

"More than a year ago, I made a difficult decision, for the sake of our children and myself, to file for divorce," Hasselhoff said. "To this day, my ex-wife has engaged in conduct designed to punish me by repeatedly publishing false statements to the press."

He denies ex-wife Pamela Bach's claims that he physically or emotionally abused her and their two daughters, insisting that recent events "are nothing more than a transparent attempt to garner attention from the media."

He continues on to say, "Unfortunately, our children have been subjected to physical and emotional abuse on numerous occasions, but it has been at the hands of their own mother."

"While I acknowledge that I am a recovering alcoholic who must deal with my own issue
on a daily basis, my ex-wife has refused to deal with her own issues," said Hasselhoff. "I look forward to the day that our marital litigation is behind me, so that our children and I can move forward with our lives in peace.”

At the same time, Bach's attorney Debra Opri has just fired back, sending her own statement to "Extra".

The statement reads: "Although Mr. Hasselhoff has publicly admitted the truthfulness and authenticity of a video showing him severely intoxicated in the presence of his minor daughter while she was in his custody, his private conduct behind the scenes continues to be deplorable in that he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions by transfering blame to his ex-wife. This is the behavior of a man in denial who arrogantly spins his explanations to the media in an attempt to save face . The spinning is over."

Meanwhile the disturbing video of Hasselhoff drunk and incoherent on the floor in Las Vegas has taken on a life of its own.

Thursday, Hasselhoff pointed the finger at his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, for leaking the footage. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, he revealed that his ex-wife was the only one with access to the tape.

The damage, David said, is mounting. “It’s really sad and really affecting my children,” he told Seacrest.

On her website, Bach fired back, writing, “Relapse is not part of recovery… when an alcoholic relapses, they are not working the program.”

Hasselhoff got a standing ovation Thursday night as he took the stage in the Las Vegas run of “The Producers.”

And “Extra’s” Las Vegas bureau has learned that Pamela, who had a restraining order against David in 2006, was actually in the front row just two weeks ago and then waited by the backstage door for David after the show.

Jerry Springer, the new host of “America’s Got Talent” where David is a judge, told our Terri Seymour that Hasselhoff is already back on his game.

“I think Planet Hoff goes around everyday untouched,” Springer insisted. “He’s a professional. He’s able to separate I assume, because I had no clue.”

Meanwhile, only “Extra” has the intimate, loving scenes from a marriage gone wrong.

Captured as our cameras were rolling, the footage features happy couple David and Pamela joking, laughing and so in love.

“I want to welcome you to a little segment of ‘Couples’ with my beautiful wife Pamela,” David said only to “Extra.”

The Hoff and Pamela did the Couples News interview exclusively for “Extra” on the set of his Western spoof, “Fugitive Run,” in 2002.

They can be seen cheerfully interviewing each other while cameras rolled and even reminiscing about their first date!

“I don't remember what you were wearing, but you looked beautiful, and I remember I kissed you,” David said to Pamela.

The chemistry between them was clearly still hot as they traded kisses and happily posed with their two daughters.

The couple even gave “Extra” some marriage advice.

“My family’s been all over the world with me,” Hasselhoff said. “That’s the key to keeping a marriage together...there are ups and downs, and there’s passion and rocky roads. It’s a lot of work.”