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Baldwin: 'If I Never Acted Again, I Couldn't Care Less'

Golden Globe winning star of "30 Rock," Alec Baldwin, confirmed the news that he wants to quit his hit NBC sitcom.

Friday on his website, Alec wrote, “Lately, I am feeling that a commitment to parents’ rights and those of fathers in particular makes show business seem inappropriate.”

Baldwin's explosive confession came during his emotional first interview about his now infamous tirade against his daughter.

Baldwin broke down while talking to Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters on “The View” Friday morning, revealing his pain upon getting a call from his 78-year-old mother after the story broke.

“My mom called me on the phone,” he said. “She was talking about life, and what we do with the rest of our lives.”

Alec also explained why he snapped, saying, “Obviously calling your child a ‘pig’ is improper and inappropriate. I took it out on the wrong person because I’m unable under the current dynamic to address the other person.”

That other person, of course, is Alec’s ex, Kim Basinger. Their ugly custody battle over 11-year-old Ireland has prompted Baldwin to take action.

“The goal is to change family law in America because right now it's a bad scene,” Alec told “Extra’s” Jon Kelley just moments after his Golden Globe win.

Baldwin pal Howard Stern offered his view Thursday night at the Tribeca Film Festival, where Alec’s new movie, “Suburban Girl,” premieres Friday night.

“I think him and Kim should go into therapy and try to work things out for the sake of the kid,” Howard said.

“Extra” confirmed Friday that Alec will take Dr. Phil up on the offer he made Tuesday night on Larry King to meet with either just Alec or both Alec and Kim.

Alec's brother Billy told “Extra” exclusively that he's praying for an end to the family feud: “My hope is for them to just have this all be over and to be in a position where it's not public and it won't possibly hurt Ireland.”