How to Look Ravishing in the Bedroom!

Ladies, are you tried of those Victoria’s Secret girls having all the fun? Well, now you can give those runway models a run for their money!

When it comes to lingerie, Linda Becker, of Linda’s in Manhattan, advises women to stick with a few titillating trends.

“This season we’re seeing more simplicity,” she told us.

With classic looks like basic black boy shorts and a camisole top, you can reveal a little or a lot in a ravishing robe, or instead, opt to slip into something silky like a luxurious chemise.

Linda also recommends going vintage with something like a corset.

“Vintage has always been a key look in lingerie,” she insisted.

Another hot look is fantasy. Lingerie has always been a way for a woman to create a more playful and sexy look, Linda reminded us.

Becker recommends looking no further than a modern yet flirty French maid set, complete with handcuffs and a tool belt that stores all of your amorous accessories like garters, stockings and lace.