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Debra Opri on Representing Birkhead: 'I Just Had Enough'

Attorney Debra Opri came straight to “Extra” to talk about the decision she made to end her professional relationship with Larry Birkhead.

"I just had enough,” she told “Extra’s” Carlos Diaz. “I can't represent a client who has a middle man by the name of Howard K. Stern. I feel very comfortable in my decision, and I wish Larry the best. But I am worried about him."

Opri admitted that she is worried about Birkhead because, "I just don't like the influence of this middle man, Howard K. Stern, and it was just too much to handle. I couldn't continue with the way things were going."

Debra went on to say, "I don't want anyone to think that I'm jumping ship. He's close enough. He's getting the DNA results today in the Bahamas. I didn't abandon Larry. "