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Heather Mills on PETA Dropping Her: 'I Was Just Shocked'

In an “Extra” exclusive interview, Heather Mills is speaking for the first time since taking a staggering new blow in her bitter divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney.

From her London home, Heather revealed only “Extra” that she is stunned to hear reports that she has been dumped by PETA, the animal rights group for which both she and Sir Paul have been prominent celebrity warriors for years.

“I was just shocked,” Mills admitted. “I thought, ‘Oh God, what is this?’ My girlfriend called me, that's how I first heard, and said, ‘I am really, really sorry to hear the bad news.’"

Heather's campaigns and protests convinced the J Crew company to stop selling fur, got a proposed ban on trading fur from dogs and cats and even got Paris Hilton to stop wearing fur.

So why would PETA drop her?

Newspaper reports claim it happened after Sir Paul's photographer daughter Mary allegedly declined to shoot a new ad campaign while Heather was working for the organization.

Mary and her designer sister Stella's relationship with Heather has reportedly been strained for quite a while. Mills told us she’s hurt and disturbed that PETA hasn’t officially informed her of the decision.

“I feel really, really sad about it,” she admitted. “They didn’t send me a letter or call me saying we don’t wish to work with you anymore.”

PETA wouldn't comment, but Heather told us her mission will continue with or without them.