Are Paula's Days on 'Idol' Numbered?

More than 30 million people watched Paula sit, stay and go on Tuesday night’s “American Idol.”

The lovable judge’s behavior had Judge Dread in deep thought. “I've got no idea what this show is anymore,” he insisted.

But on Wednesday, the hot new rumor is that Paula that could be gone for good and replaced by rocker Courtney Love.

However, “Idol” honchos quickly stopped the rumors, telling “Extra” that Paula is not going anywhere… even after a bizarre night in Birmingham.

On Wednesday night, Paula, Simon and Randy will take on Hollywood, where they’ll be joined by guest judge Olivia Newton-John.

Meanwhile, as America searches for a new “Idol,” “Extra” uncovered one contestant’s secret past!

After 25-year-old Jory Steinberg wowed the judges last week,” “Extra” has learned that at just age 16, Jory was a pro.

The brunette beauty once had a 7-album deal with music mogul David Foster’s label, but it later fell through.

Now she’s off to reignite her career in the City of Angels!

But the question remains: whose life will “Idol” change next? Tune into “American Idol” every week on FOX to find out!