Has Brit's New Single Been Leaked on the Net?

Pop princess Britney Spears dropped yet another bomb on K-Fed! Or did she?

A brand new song, which claims to be Britney’s new work, has surfaced on YouTube and seems to take aim at Kevin Federline.

“You think you can walk all over me/ And you think that I will just let you be/ Now I’m going to do things differently.”

But is the songstress on the web really Brit?

On Thursday, Britney’s record label, Jive Records, told “Extra” no!

While it’s not Britney, we caught up with the party princess out on the town in L.A.

This time Spears and a girlfriend grabbed lunch, making a mad dash past the paparazzi to grab a hamburger!

Click here to listen to the single, and you be the judge!