Bette Midler Takes Aim at Britney Spears

Bette Midler has an infectious holiday spirit, and she’s showing it off in her first ever collection of holiday songs, called “Cool Yule.”

“It’s the music that I grew up with, and I always loved the melodies,” she told us. “I thought I’d have a little bit wacky Christmas.”

So has Bette been naughty or nice this year?

“I have been Miss Prim and Proper,” she insisted. “I've been the other side of these wild and woolly sluts that we are seeing around our lives these days.”

“I'm wearing underwear,” she continued. “I'm wearing a lot of underwear. In fact, I'm wearing all the underwear that those girls are not wearing, at least two bras and several pairs of panties, plus some panty hose.”

Alluding to Britney, Paris and company, Bette is beside herself.

“Girls, get a life, get a grip,” she said. “I mean, someone should sit those ladies down.”

Happily married for 22 years and with a 20-year-old daughter, Midler told us her relationship is still divine.

“A lot of it has to do with the fact that I was never in the limelight the way you are obliged to be in the limelight now a days,” she explained. “It takes up too much time.”

Taking up even more of Bette’s time these days is her New York restoration project.

“We love trees, we're going to plant a million trees,” she said.

Midler is even auctioning off a wacky hat for her environmental group. For details, visit